Welcome to the Unisonic Champion 2711 F.A.Q.
Version UC-03 - December 2011
Creator & Maintainer: Sly D.C.

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- my Home Page "http://www.ccjvq.com/slydc/2711/index.htm"

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Before you start reading, i'm happy to finally wrote a new FAQ after some few years (think this
is my 14th FAQ ?). This FAQ relates to the first one that i've released on the internet: "The
Real Pong FAQ", which i didn't update it several years now since there's way too much informations
to add (about a thousand dedicated Pong systems released).


This FAQ is now dedicated to Nicolas Sapin. He was the first to own a Champion 2711 and was very
helpful for taking pictures and giving informations about this game console. Also Nicolas helped
the video game collectors community by sharing informations about dedicated Pongs, Vectrex and
Philips Videopac.