Coleco Kid Vid Voice Module (Atari 2600)

Here's an insolite accessory: the Kid Vid Voice Module. This accessory was sold by the Coleco company in 1983 (Model #2511). The inventor & conceptor of this unit is non-other than "Ralph H. Baer" himself! (The FATHER of video games), which he created in 1978 for Coleco. M.Baer used a tape player for kids for the prototype, and was annoyed when he saw the final module (dull looking for him) that was made by the General Electric company. He was even more annoyed that Coleco decided that the K.V.V.M. was going to be an accessory for the Coleco Gemini (a low-cost Atari 2600 clone).

But unfortunately, this unique gadget didn't live long. Only 2 games were ever made: Smurfs Save the Day (which was included with the Kid Vid) and Berenstain Bears (that was sold seperately). Other games were planned but never came out since Coleco brought licenses for the Wizard of Oz and all Dr.Seuss characters (Cat in the Hat, Myrtle the Turtle, Sam I Am & the Grinch).

Kid Vid Voice Module

* Picture of the Box
* Picture of the Kid Vid Voice Module
(Taken from the Digital Press Master Disc)

* Pic of the KVVM in the package
* Back Side of the Box
* All angles of the Box
* Picture of the Cable
* Kid Vid Manual

** Want to know how to make a Kid Vid Cable ? CLICK HERE!! **

The Gemini Sound I Voice Module

This is one of the Kid Vid prototypes which figures in the press kit.

Kid Vid Voice Module Games

Smurfs Save The Day

Cartridge scan Title Screen game Game Manual (pdf)

Harmony Smurf game Handy Smurf game Greedy Smurf game

Harmony Smurf tape Handy Smurf tape Greedy Smurf tape

Harmony Smurf sleeve Handy Smurf sleeve Greedy Smurf sleeve

Berenstain Bears

Cartridge scan Title Screen game Game Manual (pdf)

Big Hunt Number game Great Letter Roundup game Spooky Spelling Bee game

Big Number Hunt Tape Great Letter Roundup Tape Spooky Speeling Bee Tape

Big Number Hunt Sleeve Great Letter Roundup Sleeve Spooky Speeling Bee Sleeve

Kid Vid Voice Module Emulation
From the Kid Vid Audio Files of Atari Age: "The only way to experience the Kid Vid games as Coleco intended is to use the z26 emulator with the audio files below. To use these files with z26, first make sure you have at least version 1.54 of z26 installed. Then download the audio files and place them into the same directory as z26. You can then launch Berenstain Bears and Smurfs Save the Day and experience them with the original audio. To select a tape to play, press 1, 2, or 3. To rewind a tape, press F1."

So if you want to play both games with the Z26 emulator (or at least, try them out before buying them), go to the web page of Atari Age Kid Vid Audio Files:


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