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Hello there,

For some personnal reasons i won't explain, i've decided to take a "break" of video game community (as of March 28th, 2011). This may be for a couple of months (maybe even years), just depends how things will work out in the future...

Since 2003, my video game collection of game consoles and systems went from 225 to about 40. I've just kept the one i truly most enjoy or are very rare to find. I will still keep this web site online for informational purposes. One of the reason that i'm taking a "break" that i can tell is for my two beloved children. I just want to spend time with them as much as i can before they are too grown-up. They are my "ray of sunshine" in this miserable life and i love them so much. As for other reasons for taking a break, i simply don't want to talk about it...(thanks for understanding).

If you ever want to send me an e-mail to ask a question or anything else, you are welcome BUT be warned that i may take time before i can reply back (two to six weeks). The last 15 years had been fun but life can take a "freaking twist" and we just can't arrange it by saying: Abracadabra!

I recently (in December 2012) had a small stroke and barely kicked the bucket, but i do have an gardian angel watching over me (or my 2 angels) because i'm still alive and i was one of the few lucky to not be half-paralysed for life. Since then, my health been having ups and downs (more downs than ups) and this explain why many of my projects haven't moved/worked on and also why sometimes i don't reply to my e-mails for a very llloonnnggg time. Also because of my health (and other personnal reasons), i recently quit presidency of the C.C.J.V.Q. (Club de Collectionneur de Jeux Video du Quebec). I wanted to say i'm sorry if i've still haven't replied to people who have sent me e-mail(s). I will eventually reply to all of them when my health is better. Thanks for understanding. :)

So to any of you, take care and keep in touch! :)

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