What's the LÖVEMESS?

LÖVEMESS is a mega project which consists of one or multiple modules which will be "add-ons" for the M.E.S.S. emulator. Many video game consoles/systems which are considered 'Discrete Logic" (they don't have a CPU) and any consoles/systems that has a "Dedicated Game Chip" (like the General Instrument AY-3-8500-1 for an example) will never be emulated in M.E.S.S. (click HERE to learn about the M.E.S.S. emulator) since M.E.S.S. emulates consoles/systems that only have a CPU. So this project is for simulating these video game consoles/systems for digital archival and historical purpose.

Discrete Logic & Dedicated Game Chips video game consoles/systems will be divided in these sub-categories:

01 - Discrete Logic "Pong-type" Consoles (1974-1977)
02 - Dedicated Game Chip "Pong-type" consoles & systems (1975-1979)
03 - Milton Bradley Microvision (1979 - the first portable handheld)
04 - Brandvance Galactic Invaders (1981 - has a 6503 CPU)

Category #2 will be done by specific "Dedicated Game Chips" because there is more than 1,000 "Pong-type" consoles/systems out there and about 60% of them uses a GI AY-3-8500-1, so this way, it will be a lot easier than doing a whole freaking bunch of "Pong-Type" consoles/systems.

01 - Discrete Pong Consoles& Systems [WIP as of September 16, 2015]

Consoles/Systems that can be simulated (for now):

* Bandai TV-Jack 2500 [WIP]
* Entex Gameroom Tele-Pong [WIP]
* Executive Games Face-Off TV Hockey/Soccer [MISSING INFOS/SOUNDS]
* Executive Games Television Tennis [WIP]
* First Dimension Video System FD-3000W [WIP]
* Interton Video 2000 with all cartridges [WIP]
* Magnavox Odyssey 100 [WIP]
* Magnavox Odyssey 200 [WIP]
* Magnavox Odyssey 400 [WIP]
* Magnavox Odyssey 500 [WIP]
* Palestra-02 [WIP]
* Philips Tele-Spiel ES 2201 with all cartridges [WIP]
* Tesla TV HRA XD-8001 [WIP]
* Videomaster Olympic VM3/Videomaster Rally VM4/(Unknown) Videolympic [WIP]

Consoles/Systems that can't be simulated (for now):

* Alfa Electronics Videotronic I [MISSING INFOS/SOUNDS]
* Juker Telegol J-5 [MISSING SOUNDS]
* Mestron MEC TV Games 1000/Mestron Fernseh Spiel TVG -2006/Richin TV Games TVG-2006 [MISSING INFOS/SOUNDS]
* Packel Instruments Tennis Game Machine [Err...Not decided if i want to do it or not...]
* Zanissi/Seleco Ping-O-Tronic PP-1 to PP-10 [MISSING INFOS/SOUNDS]
* Electronic Australia Video Ball (Mag DIY) [MISSING SOUND(S)]
* Niitsu Shigeo Electronic Hockey (Mag DIY) [MISSING SOUND(S)]
* Practical Wireless Tele-Tennis (Mag DIY) [MISSING SOUND(S)]
* Visulex Super-Pong (model 8000) (Mag DIY/KIT) [MISSING SOUNDS]

02 - Dedicated Game Chip "Pong-type" consoles & systems [WIP]

* General Instrument AY-3-8500 + Texas Instruments TMS1955NL/TMS1965NL + Exiton K145NK17 (more than 600 consoles exists)
* General Instrument AY-3-8510/AY-3-8512 (Coleco Telstar Colortron/Marksman/Sears Tele-Games Gunslinger II)
* Atari 3659/C010073 (Atari Pong C-100/Atari Super Pong C-140)
* Atari C010765 (Atari Ultra Pong Doubles C-402D)
* Atari C010755/C011500 (Atari Video Pinball)
* Mitsubishi M58813P/M58815P/M58816P (Nintendo Color TV-Game 6/15)
* Mitsubishi M58820P (Nintendo Color TV-Game Racing 112)
* Mitsubishi M58821P (Nintendo Color TV-Game Block Kuzushi)
* National Semiconductors MM5789/MM57100/MM57105 (NS Adversary 370)
* National Semiconductors MM57106/MM57186 (Philips Odyssey 2100)
* Texas Instruments SN76410N (Venture Electronics Video Sports VS-5)
* OKI MSL9320 (Tomy TV-Fun 602)
* Omnetics F4301 (Universal Research Labs Indy 500)
* Signetics NTL 600 (Sportel Mini)

* General Instrument AY-3-8550/AY-3-8600+8610/AY-3-8603/AY-3-8605/AY-3-8606/AY-3-8607/AY-3-8700+8710/AY-3-8760+8765 (SEE NOTE(A))
* MOS Technology MPS-7600-001/MPS-7600-002/MPS-7600-004/MPS-7600-005 (Coleco Telstar Arcade)

NOTE (A): There are many Pong-Cartridge systems with different design and cartridge format but almost all of them uses General Instrument dedicated game chips with the exception of some consoles and systems. This group of dedicated chips will be simulated like a Soundic SD-050 which this system uses PC-501 to PC-508 model cartridges.

TO MESS TEAM: If anyone from the MESS team is reading this, no one can't dumped any "Dedicated Game Chips" since those are electronics circuits within a processor. There is NO codes to extract except for the MOS Technology ones (512-bytes). All "Dedicated Game Chips" needs to be "simulated" - period.

03 - Milton Bradley Microvision

What this simulator will have (when worked on):

* All 12 cartridges released (North America & Europe)
* Barrage (Never Released)
* New games (Homebrews)

*** For now, this is "ON HOLD" since the MESS team has begun working on it ***

04 - Brandvance Galactic Invaders

I wrote to Kevan Heydon in October 2009 and asked him some more details and pictures of this extremely rare console. He wrote me back and was very gracious to gave me new pictures of the console and even a screenshot of the actual game.

Here's the specification of this console:

* CPU: Rockwell R6503P (R6503-11/8047) [8-bit MPU]
* ROM: Motorola MCM2716C (2K Eprom)
* RAM: (x2) 2114L3PC (1024 x 4 Static RAM)
* And 19 TTL's (will list them in the future)

Now the only problem for simulate it is i would need a video of the game with good sounds recorded but i will have to ask Kevin if he could record a video since he's the only known collector to have this console.

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